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5.3 – Media

The Media Library

The WordPress Media Library contains and allows you to manage all the media files uploaded to your WordPress site.

Finding the Media Library

In the WordPress Dashboard look to the left navigation menu for ‘Media’. Clicking this will take you to the Media Library.

media library

Media Currently in the Library

The Media Library page will show all of the media items you currently have in your media library with the most recent uploads listed first.

Adding New Media to the Library

Click the Add New link. Upload a new image. Once uploaded it will be listed in the library.

Editing Images in the WordPress Media Library

Click on an image, then click the Edit Image button. This will open a panel where the image can be cropped, rotated, flipped or scaled.

edit image panel

WordPress Media Library Multi-File Uploader

The drag and drop uploader allows you to upload multiple files at a time the WordPress Media Library.

Adding Media in Posts and Pages

To add media into your posts and pages position the blinking text cursor where you’d like to insert your media. Above the Post/Page editor toolbar you’ll see an ‘Add Media’ button. Click this to open the ‘Insert Media’ panel.

insert media From this panel you can choose to either upload a new media file within the Upload tab or use an existing media file from the media library within the Media Library tab. upload files tab

To upload a file, within the Upload tab drag and drop your media file or click the Select Files button, find the image you’d like to use and click open. Once your image has been uploaded you’ll see it has been added to the top of the media library.

When an image is selected, shown by the checkbox ticked in the top right corner of the image in the media library, the attachment details for the file will be displayed to the right hand side of the screen. These details include the Title, Caption, Alt text and Description for the file and can be changed. The alignment, URL and size of the image and where it links to can also be changed.

To insert the image into the post/page where you left the blinking text cursor click the ‘Insert into post/page’ button. Now you’ll see your image has been added to your post.

Having placed the image, if you click on it now you should see alignment options an edit option and the remove image option.

Clicking the edit option opens a panel with two sections.

The first section allows you to edit the details of the image. Here the size of the image the title, alternative text, the caption and link URL can all be changed. The second section allows you to edit the advanced settings where you’ll see the URL of where the image file is hosted on your site, the actual width and height of the image in pixels, the CSS Class, styles and image properties that add padding around the image.

The remove image icon will in the upper left corner will delete the image out of the post.

The Add Media panel also provides options to create a gallery and set the featured image.

For a gallery you simply check multiple images to include them in the post/page as a gallery.

create gallery

Setting a featured image will, if your theme provides, display the image in the page/post summary.

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