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7.1.1 – Folders and Files

A Genesis child theme will be grouped together in a child theme directory and generally contain the following elements:

A Screenshot

The “screenshot.png” is normally an 600 x 450 visual display of the design that the theme will create around your content. All WordPress themes have a screenshoot image included and this can be seen on the Appearance > Themes page inside the WordPress dashboard.

A Stylesheet

The style.css file determines the look of the site based on the HTML generated by Genesis and WordPress. The style.css file in the child theme folder overrules any css rules running in the parent theme/framework. It has complete control over the way the site will look.

A Functions File

The functions.php file calls the entire Genesis framework to run. It also allows the addition, removal and modification of of the framework defaults. This can include registering additional sidebar widgets, and defining custom functions.

An Images Folder

This folder holds the images that a theme requires for files like the background image, icons, navbar gradients, and so forth.

Other Template Files

These are the files in which you make modifications to the parent theme in your child theme. These files include the 404.php, comments.php, footer.php, header.php, index.php, page.php, single.php and so on. The hierarchy dictates that if these files exist in the child theme folder, they will override the parent theme. A very common file to modify if the home.php which controls the way a site’s homepage will appear. Modifications are generally used to create a widgetized or custom homepage.

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